Investing in

Houston Real Estate Market

US Real estate market recovers from its big down fall. Banks started to release loans and credit lines so construction started to pick up to the regular sold houses statistics. Low interest rates for a few years made the real estate market very attractive to investors ,with high returns and low risk .This business environment conditions stream into the strong states and cities. Houston TX is one of the leading city in every category in the US. Focusing in Houston, one of the strongest city in the US gives us advantages in many different business aspects. For example, knowing the local professionals, familiarize with the different parts of the city and understanding our target audience for sales.

Spring W. Homes has its own properties, for sale and for lease. We have partnerships with a variety of investor groups allowing us to diversify into different projects on different levels.

  • Spring W. Homes is getting all of the construction loans directly from TX local banks

  • Spring W. Homes financial partner signs a  personal guarantee for each construction loan.

  • Investors get 1st lien at title on each property that is acquired

  • Investors only contribute 20% - 25% equity from the total project cost

Investing with

Spring W. Homes

in the Houston

Real Estate Market